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Should I choose a Fynn loan over a federal student loan?
Should I choose a Fynn loan over a federal student loan?
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The short answer: Probably not.

Student loans generally come in two varieties. Federal student loans are provided by the federal government. Private student loans are provided by private companies, and since the costs are not subsidized by the federal government, private student loans will generally have higher rates. Although we think that Fynn’s loans are better than most other private student loans, the interest rates available on federal student loans are hard to beat.

So here is our advice: investigate whether federal student loans are available to you, and strongly consider exhausting those options before taking out any private student loan – even ours!

But federal loans are not always an option for everyone, they are not always available to fund certain schools or vocational programs, and they may not be enough to fund your entire school expense. Those are the circumstances where private student loans like Fynn’s are the best fit.

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