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What are the best practices for a successful verification?
What are the best practices for a successful verification?
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Before starting the verification process, here’s what you need:

  • A valid government-issued photo ID document. Not a photocopy or a picture of an ID document. Ensure that the ID document isn’t expired.

  • A device with a camera, if possible, use a mobile device. Cameras on mobile devices typically take higher-quality photos than a webcam.

The quality of the images captured affects success rates dramatically. Below are a few best practices to help make sure that your verification succeeds:

  • Capture a clear image. Make sure that the images aren’t too dark or bright, and don’t have a glare. Hold steady and allow your camera to focus to avoid blurry photos.

  • Don’t block any part of your ID document in the image. Ideally you can lay it flat to take the photo.

  • Don’t block any part of your face. Remove sunglasses, masks, or other accessories.

  • Find a location with ambient lighting. Avoid spaces with strong overhead lights that cast a shadow on your face or ID document. Avoid sitting directly in front of a bright light which can wash out your face and add a glare to your ID document.

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