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When do I need to start repaying my Fynn loan?
When do I need to start repaying my Fynn loan?
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For most Fynn loans, the repayment period starts about two months after a borrower’s school program ends, but there are some exceptions that may apply to you. For instance, the repayment period on your loan may start sooner if you take longer than expected to complete your program. The clock will start on your repayment period automatically if you reduce to less than half time on your program or if your time in school exceeds a specific date outlined in your credit agreement. The clock will also start on your repayment period if you withdraw or stop attending your school program.

Please read your credit agreement or call us at 800-419-2118 if you have any questions at all about when your repayment period begins. And don’t worry – we will send you notices and payment reminders to make sure you aren’t caught by surprise.

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