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When does Fynn disburse tuition?
When does Fynn disburse tuition?
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Please note the cutoff for a transaction to be included in a weekly disbursement has been moved from Tuesdays at 11:59 pm ET to Mondays at 8:00 am ET. This timing will impact disbursements beginning on Monday, November 20th.

Fynn disburses tuition every Wednesday by wire and it will settle into your school's account on the subsequent Friday*. These weekly disbursements will include the following transactions:

  • initial disbursements

  • rebates for graduation and placement

  • refunds for students who drop out or withdraw from their programs

For a transaction to be included in a weekly disbursement, it must meet the eligibility criteria as outlined in your School Portal. The eligibility criteria must be met by 8:00 am ET on the Monday of the week of disbursement.

If your school's weekly disbursement net total is negative (due to new refunds or amounts owed from prior invoices) the amount will be net settled and you will not receive a weekly disbursement until there is a positive net amount owed to your school on a weekly invoice.

*While the Wednesday/Friday disbursement schedule is our standard operating procedure, disbursements may be subject to delays that result from Federal Bank Holidays. Please check your bank's calendar to gain insight into how bank holidays may impact your disbursements.

For more information about your school's upcoming disbursements, please visit the Disbursements tab of your School Portal.

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